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Bula! – Fiji Travel Guide for Broke Exchange Students

Fiji Travel Guide

I’ve done so much traveling during my exchange semester in Sydney, I did not really find the time to post about all the amazing places I have visited and experienced. But this has got to change now. Let me start off with one of my highlights. Here is my Fiji Travel Guide for Broke Exchange Students. When you happen to be on the other side of the world, you should definitely exploit the fact that you are much closer now to certain places – So I decided to take the 300€ flight from Sydney to Nadi, an amazingly cheap deal…

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Event Travel

A weekend with Aveda at the Master Jam 2016 in Milan

Aveda Masterjam 2016

I became a huge Italy fan the moment I had my first Italian lesson at school. Part of my enthusiasm about the language, people and the culture was definitely the result of my teacher’s own passion about Italy. While this definitely influenced me, I believe that another major reason why I feel so connected is the fact that the Middle Eastern culture and how I was raised is quite similar to the Italian one; plus of course it has its own unique charm that I simply love. Despite all that, I somehow never managed to visit Italy besides being one…

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Outfit Travel

Wearing Denim and Leather in lovely Amsterdam

Before I’ll be talking about Denim and Leather and all that fashion-stuff, let me share some thoughts with you. Having traveled all around Australia and being more adventurous than ever, there is one thing I promised to myself that I will change about my old behavior back home. SEE. MORE. OF.EUROPE. I’ve met so many people from all over the world that told me how much they envy me living in Europe, cause it is so easy and relatively cheap to get around. From most cities it only takes you a maximum of 2h traveling to explore a completely different…

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Travel Video

My Semester Abroad – Exploring Australia & Fiji Islands

whitsunday islands

Heya Loves, here comes my second travel video from my time study abroad time in Australia. You can find my first one about my life in Sydney on my channel as well. In this video you can see the following destinations: Cairnes, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands and Fiji Islands. I hope you like the video and could get a little insight into these beautiful travel destinations.…

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Allgemein Travel

Five Amazing Low-budget Things to Do in Sydney

When I chose Sydney for my semester abroad, I knew that living there was going to be extremely expensive. Australians are pretty much used to it, especially because they also earn higher salaries accordingly. However, as an international student, you know that you will end up super broke by the end of the semester. So, with weekly rents that added up to almost twice the rent I paid back in Maastricht and limited time to cook a cheap meal at home, it was clear that I had to cut costs on other things. Luckily, there are plenty of activities to do in Sydney…

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