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Bula! – Fiji Travel Guide for Broke Exchange Students

Fiji Travel Guide

I’ve done so much traveling during my exchange semester in Sydney, I did not really find the time to post about all the amazing places I have visited and experienced. But this has got to change now. Let me start off with one of my highlights. Here is my Fiji Travel Guide for Broke Exchange Students. When you happen to be on the other side of the world, you should definitely exploit the fact that you are much closer now to certain places – So I decided to take the 300€ flight from Sydney to Nadi, an amazingly cheap deal…

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Tone-in-tone with my grey flared plissee pants

grey flared plissee pants

I am a total pants-girl. Maybe it’s because I simply like wearing pants, as they are comfortable and you can just sit in any position you like to sit, haha. But maybe it’s because – nonliterally – I like to wear the trousers. Already back in school I never minded to take on responsibility of a task or lead a group towards a goal. While back then I was not that much aware of my tendencies, in university it became super clear. While others might call it being a control freak, I call it endurance and ambition. You can exercise control in…

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My Cozy Teddy Coat Is Keeping Me Warm

teddy Coat

Teddy coat, fake-fur jacket or 90’s bomber – I feel like we can finally mix up our coat wardrobe a little bit. The last years we were all a bit more classic with wool coats or parkas, but just like with Jeans, I feel like we are getting a bit more experimental. And what can I say? – I like! Quite surprisingly those teddy or fake-fur jackets are also pretty warm. Okay, for temperatures around zero degrees they might not be the perfect choice, but they definitely work with around 10 degrees, with some layering and a big scarf. My…

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Love me Tender with my new favorite bag from Pinko

pinko love me tender

I always say that one day I will buy an amazing designer bag. Damn, those Chloé Faye bags are just so beautiful. I go to a department store, bag section, and try on this designer piece worth 1600€. Damn again, it looks so good on me – but then I just go home. This has been me for the last couple of months, maybe even years. I am pretty much aware that I am a mess when in comes to shopping. My closet is bursting from all sides and I could make a new combination each day until probably the…

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Let Memories be Memories

memories be memories

This is a somewhat more personal post, but I just wanted to write down some thoughts about a topic that is keeping me busy lately. You must know, I’m an overthinker when it comes to certain aspects. However, I’m not making things necessarily more complicated, I just like to think through them. The heading says „Let Memories be Memories“ – it’s a conclusion I made that fits into a lot of situations in life. Let me give you a current example of my life. I studied International Business at Maastricht University. Getting there in the first place, was not that easy…

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Allgemein Shopping

Best Black Friday Deals and My Favorite Picks For You

best black friday deals

The weekend we all have been waiting for – Black Friday and Cyber Weekend has finally arrived and now is the time to spend your money wisely! It’s crazy, so many shops have come up with amazing black friday deals, that I thought it might be a good idea to collect the best black friday deals in one blog post for you. Most of the shops have vouchers of around 20-25%, which is pretty good, especially if you want to invest in a designer piece. I’ve been dreaming about a Chloé Bag for so long, that it is so tempting to…

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