Layering Dresses over shirts or turtlenecks for Autumn


Layering dresses over shirts – or tops over shirts – is a trend that I actually had to „get used to“. However stupid this may sound, there is an actual scientific concept lying behind the fact that we kinda need to warm up with certain trends. Let me turn on the geeky mode for a bit: There is this phenomenon called „The Mere-Exposure Effect“, which basically says the more you are familiar with something, the more you will like it! So the more you are exposed to a certain trend – seeing it in magazines, on the street, on your social feed…

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Beauty Event

Getting Big Curls at Lepri Salon and Spa in Milan


It took me a very long time to accept my hair the way it is. As a teenage girl I envied all the girls with their neat and straight hair and felt like someone who wasn’t able to get her hair under control. Slowly, slowly and after a lot of straightening experiments I realized that it is better to make the best of what you have and not try to force something that you simply don’t have. So I started to accept my curly hair and find the right treatment and products for it. However, from time to time I like…

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Event Travel

A weekend with Aveda at the Master Jam 2016 in Milan

Aveda Masterjam 2016

I became a huge Italy fan the moment I had my first Italian lesson at school. Part of my enthusiasm about the language, people and the culture was definitely the result of my teacher’s own passion about Italy. While this definitely influenced me, I believe that another major reason why I feel so connected is the fact that the Middle Eastern culture and how I was raised is quite similar to the Italian one; plus of course it has its own unique charm that I simply love. Despite all that, I somehow never managed to visit Italy besides being one…

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Light and Oversized Knit for warm Autumn Days

tassle heels

One thing I love about autumn and winter is that the colder it gets, the more you make everything cozy: you get your thick blanked out, the colourful socks your grandma made you, and you buy all sorts of tea to keep yourself warm. Of course you also adjust your wardrobe with all kinds of knit, gloves, scarves and cute hats. My favourite part here are the knit pullovers – they should be loose, soft and simply comfy… and I mean the kind of comfy where you do not feel forced to tuck in your belly the whole time. You’ve…

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In Love with Floral Embroidery and Patches

floral embroidery jeans

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to always fall down, rip off your clothes and your Mum then repaired the hole with a patch? Well, it’s time to ask her for that old box where she kept the patches, because the fashion world decided that they are suuuuper in style! And yes, I am also talking about weird smilie or slogan patches – if a 5-year old kid would like it, then you have hit the nail on the head. A similar trend, but a little more, lets say grown-up/sophisticated, is floral embroidery, which I am…

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Allgemein Outfit

The Mom Jeans – You cannot deny them anymore

Mom Jeans monki

Its so funny – I remember that more than three years ago I used to have this column on my blog called „Yay or Nay?“, in which I wrote about new trends, what I think about them and if I would wear them. One time I wrote about Mom Jeans, when they just had started to go in style again (check out the post here!). I used this picture of girls from the 90s, from the popular series Beverly Hills 90210 to show what I associate with this trend. To be honest, I was thinking what the hell is the fashion industry trying to sell…

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